Today was a sad day for my musical world.  Today was the first day that my favorite satellite radio station was not on the air.  I had come to love listening to Sirius Disorder, but today after the merger of Sirius and XM stations I discovered that Sirius Disorder was cut.

I got a Sirius radio when I purchased my Dodge Ram 3500 Cumins.  I had not listened to any radio regularly for about 10 years.  I had grown tired of commercials and had developed a passion for Internet radio.  I grew up listening to free form FM radio in the 1970s.  I remember disc jockeys playing whole sides of albums like Genesis and Santana.  Today that just will not happen.  I remember a station in Pasadena KPPC where the DJs played anything they wanted.  This is how I discovered the music of Frank Zappa.

So much to my surprise I discovered a wild free form station on satellite called Sirius Disorder.  I loved it and listened to it in my truck and online 90% of the time that I was listening to music. I will survive without Sirius Disorder.  I will be forever affected by it’s memory.  It seems that all of my favorite radio stations eventually bite the dust.

Oh by the way this post was written on a Cap Metro bus with Free WiFi.  I am getting a ride from work to the NW park and Ride in Cedar Park.