October 2007 From Lonnie

I have been taking pictures of myself with my Canon EOS 10D for a few years.  I was uploading some files to Google’s Picasa and I noticed an album that had a picture of me that I took this time last year.  I decided to take another picture of myself and compare them.

October 2008 From Lonnie

One thing that I notice is that the picture from last year was taken using ISO 100 under an indoor incandescent bulb. The picture that I took today is using natural sunlight from a window. Last years picture shows that I am a little fatter than this year. Check out the rolls on my chin. My hair si also a few inches longer.

Taking close up pictures of yourself is very scary (at least for me). My camera shows all of the pores, scratched and scars on my face. My face is quite interesting. Here is a self portrait that I drew last year.

From Launi’s Art

So now I think that on Halloween I will continue this tradition of taking my picture. I will see how I change each year.