I was reading some online political Blogs tonight while passing out candy. This is a very scary Halloween.

As an African American who considers himself an independent I voted for Obama for several reasons. The first and primary reason is that the US really needs a break from the way the good ole boys club has run this country. My first choice for a president would have been a black woman, second choice a white woman, third choice a black man. Obama is a break from the past presidents because of his bi-racial heritage and his choices of how he lived in the US. This country needs leaders who can thin outside of the box when it comes to solving problems.

I voted for Regan on the same idea that I voted for Obama. I believe that Obama like Regan will not be insecure about not being the brightest person in the room. I believe that all great leaders surround themselves and seek out the advice from experts in their fields and then build a solution from a consensus of experts. Obama has proven that he can build up a national organization and make an effective run for the office of president of the US so in a sense he has proven that he can lead a large organization.