I have a correction on the time of the running class. The class starts at 6:30 PM. Here is a link for more information.


The training is part of the

Nike Human Race 10K
11th and Congress, Austin, TX, US
Sunday, August 31, 2008
6:30 PM Race 8:30 PM Concert

If you go to the web site you will see that Austin is among several cities was picked out of all the cities around the world to participate in this event.

Besides talking about running the owner of RunTex, Paul Carrozza, discusses health and diet as well. Paul has a background in bio-chemestry. During a break in the training he was asked how much water do we need to drink. His answer surprised me. He said that most of us are drinking too much water. Most of the hydration that we need should come from fresh fruits and vegetables.

If we eat the correct balance of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and balance the source of our protein we can make our bodies less susceptible to cancer. When you get most of your protein from meat your body becomes more acidic. Cancer cells thrive in a body that is acidic. When you get your protein from other sources like vegetables and grains you body will maintain a natural PH and cancer cells do not thrive in this environment.

Please note that I have summarized Paul’s talk. What amazes me about Paul is that he is genuine in his care for everybody to be fit and healthy. He started selling shoes out of his own need to get the right fitting shoe for himself. Personally I have heard and read all my life about exercise programs and how to be healthy by eating right. None of this really motivated me to change until I started running again. That is when I noticed how my cravings for a Snickers bar at 4 PM when away as my body started to crave less sugar and craved more running.

Hope this inspires you all to keep up your efforts on being healthy.