I am participating in a RunTex free running class that meets each Thursday 6 PM meet at Stevie Ray Vaughn statue. This Thursday is meeting 2. This is the same class that folks pay big bucks for. This is the same class that was offered at HT two years ago. I was in the HT class and I went from walking a mile to running 10 to 15 miles several times a week.

This class is for all levels from walking to running. The owner of RunTex was the coach of the first class. He talked about how exercise makes your body not crave sugar. When your body is mostly inactive it craves serotonin which makes you feel good. Serotonin is found in foods that contain sugar. The best way to lose weight is to eat less sugar. The way to eat less sugar is to remove the body’s craving for it by exercising.

I will be participating in this class with my wife so I hope to see some of you in the class.