I enjoyed reading some of your humor about what white people like.  The purpose of this email is three-fold.
1. I wanted to expose you to some black humor
2. I wanted to show Sylvia an example of formatting ides for doing quotes and hyper-linking in her blog
3. I wanted to show some fine examples of blog writing and sites.

I started my search using Google.  Sometimes when I am getting ides for my blog I start by writing an email such as this.  Eventually I may decide to post this directly into my blog.  Using Word Press you can set this up so that you can email your blog directly, but I have not configured this on my blog.  What I do is copy the email directly into the web editor an post it.

My first example of what black people like is listed below.  You will notice that I have referenced the snippet using a different color font than my original written text and I have also italicized the font.

Stuff Educated Black People Like —

Its already been proven that EBP feel that they have a Ph.D in everything once they have attained some college education. However, when it comes to helping fellow BP, EBP are qualified experts. While it is totally great for we as a people to help each other, some EBP take it too far. They somehow take it upon themselves to become the ambassadors to “elite” America. Read more

I am careful to not spell check or correct any of the author’s text that I am referencing.  Sometimes as a courtesy I email the author and let them know that I am referencing his page and ask them if it is OK.

Stuff Black People Like

#7. Telling White People Off
One of the most fun thing about being black is that white people listen to you, especially when you get all up in their grill. They act like they hate it and they get all huffy about it, but in the end they’re always grateful for the experience. White people tend to forget who they are and what they’re doing on this planet. That’s why they watch foreign films. They know that they live two inches off the ground, and of course they often forget whether or not they are living in reality. They ask themselves stupid questions like, how do I know everything I’m experiencing is not an illusion and maybe when I’m asleep, that’s reality. That’s why white people made The Matrix. And who did they turn to in The Matrix? A black man, of course. Morpheus. White people need black people to ground them in reality, so the next time you feel like slapping the taste out of some white person’s mouth for doing something spacey, go ahead and give them a neck shaking verbal beatdown. They’ll act offended, but deep down they’re really glad you did it. They call it an intervention, and we really like to give them. Read more

This next blog is really cool in the layout and the writing is very good. I am always amazed at what I find on the Internet when I do a search for something that I normally would never think of on my own.  Just by taking Janet’s original search What do white people like and changing it to What do black people like I found some very interesting reading.

Why can’t I lift my voice?

There has been a story out for a few days now. I am sure you all are aware of it. You know the one, about the sister in Denver who sang the National Anthem with the words of the black National Anthem, “Lift Ev’ry Voice And Sing”. Girlfriend sang the words of the black National Anthem to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner. My first thoughts were, how the hell did she pull that off musically? And then, of course, came the firestorm. Black and white folks were outraged. Well, some black folks were outraged, and damn near all white folks were. They accused her of deceiving the city of Denver to make a political statement. (Why is it than when shit has to do with black folks it’s always “political statement”?) Girlfriend had to publicly apologize to the Mayor. And not surprisingly, even the “O” man threw her under the bus. (I swear if they had an under the bus toss in the Olympics, the U.S.A. would have to send the “O” man, because he would get a fucking gold medal. But I digress) Lucky for her she is 52 years old because her music career is pretty much kaput. Read more

Well it is time to get back to work on the Wormley Design portal.

Lonnie Wormley
Brown Dirt Cowboy