I was working on my wife’s blog and decided to update the look and feel of my own. I selected a theme that was originally designed by Benedikt Rieke-Benninghaus. The theme name: Dynamic-Vision 10. The theme URI: http://benediktrb.de. It is cool that Sylvia is getting into blogging and we have a similar theme on our sites.

Here is my original theme during 2005-2006: I took the banner with my camera. I got a cup of cold day old coffee and dumped some screws in it and started shooting pictures with my Canon 10D.

Here is my next theme during 2006-2007: I got the name for this blog from a friend that I worked with when I was in the Unification Church. His name was Walter Frank and if I remember correctly he would joke about screws in his coffee. I started writing a book of poems and titled it Screws in my Coffee.

Here is my current theme for summer 2008: So now I have revised my blog theme to a lighter bigger font. I am not sure why I picked the black background of the previous theme. I usually do not like black web pages. Anyway this layout looks really cool to me. I spent most of the day working on Sylvia’s blog and then decided to use the theme on my blog.