Last night I ran the longest distance in my life.  I ran 14 miles.  I parked my truck at mile post 7 on Pleasant Valley Road just 1/4 mile south of the Longhorn Dam.  I ran north across the dam on the trail towards the Mo-Pac then to mile post 0 near south First Street.  I re-filled my CamelBack and returned reversing my route back to my truck for a 14 mile run.  The only problem that I encountered on the run was my right knee started getting stiff and sore.

The run took me about 174 minutes or 12.43 minute miles.  My goal is not how fast I can run but how long and how far.  I am going to gradually build up my distance until I can run 26 miles in one day. So far this year I have run 166 miles and I have 834 to go towards my goal of running 1000 miles in 2008.

Last night I started running at 7:30 PM and it was 80 degrees here in Austin.  During my night runs I see raccoons and possums and stray cats on the trail.