Deans Truck is Stuck (small)Dean is Sylvia’s son. He is a nice guy and has helped make the Lone Worm Ranch a well irrigated and maintained place. Tonight he was hunting and he shot two deer. Sylvia and I were just getting to leave the ranch after spending the night. Dean had been hunting all day Saturday and was out in the evening trying to get a deer. When Sylvia and I were just about to leave we heard two shots. A short time later Dean came to the house all excited as he had just shot two deer.

I offered to help him load the deer in his truck so we headed to the back woods where the deer lay. Dean was in the process of turning his Dodge 4 X 4 truck around and got stuck in the deep sandy mud. Dean the Deer Hunter, on the Lone Worm Ranch (small)The mud was the result of about 5 inches of rain that had fallen the night before. We had to get the deer so Sylvia called for a tow truck and Dean and I went to the red barn and got the wheel barrow and headed across the 30 acre pasture to the edge of the woods.

After taking pictures of Dean and the deer, we loaded them into the wheel burrow and hauled them across the soggy pasture back to the house. It was a good work out for me and my heard was really pumping as we raced to the house to beat the advancing darkness.

I have never witnessed anyone skin or gut a deer. I held the light as I watched Dean work quickly to cut each deer’s belly open and clean it out. It was the same process that I have done when I have cleaned fish only larger. I also noticed that dead deer die with their eyes wide open.

The tow truck arrived and Dean’s truck was hauled out of the mud bog and we all left for Austin around 8:30 PM. It was quite an adventure for us all.