So what motivates me to go out and run 10 miles before watching a football game?  Well for starters it is the way I feel at mile eight when Little Feat came on my iPod singing Feets Don’t Fail Me Now.  Somehow after running the first two miles that seem like death at mile eight I feel like I am invincible.

Running is really a basic activity that involves putting one foot in front of the other faster than when you walk.  As an avid cyclyst I know what it is like to ride 100 miles in one day.  Today I saw a lot of cyclist on the trail, but only two other runners besides me.  If I had my bike I would easily ride the whole 50-60 mile length of this flat railroad bike trail. What I am so proud of is that in February 2005 I started running after 20 years of telling myself that I could not run because of my knee.  I started off training to walk a 5k race and I ended up running the whole distance in April 2005.

So now this summer I have started running 10 miles regularly.  I have never in my life run over 6.5 miles (10k).  For me this is a huge accomplishment of what I can create as a possibility and make it real.  I have proven to myself that I can create possiblities and make them real in my life around my job.  Challenging your physical body at the age of 55 for me is real sweet.