When Sylvia and I got back to Austin we re-located the fifth-wheel to the east side of Austin. I am 2 miles from work. I could jog to Huston-Tillotson if I wanted to. This is the closest that I have ever lived to my place of employment.

There is a lot to be said about scaling down your junk. When I cam to Texas in late 2003 I left behind a 1300 square foot home, wife and two kids. I plied all of my belongings in a Toyota Camry and headed to Texas to help my dad build a home. Currently I am planning modifications to the interior of my 2006 Grand Junction 29DRL. It is beautiful inside, but I need some place to work as a graphic artist using my computer and colored pencils. Sylvia also needs space to work on the computer.

It is interesting to move from the far west side of Austin from the Westlake and RR 620 area to the central East site of Austin. I have wanted to live closer to the center of Austin ever since I came to Texas. All of my favorite restaurants are on the East Side of Austin or near Downtown. Most of the artist that live in Austin are located in the central part of Austin. I also wanted to be able to ride my bike to anywhere without making a big deal about it. When I ride to work I can do it in my street clothes. The ride only takes 5 to 10 minutes.

So when I refer to myself as ESTT I do so with a little bit of pride and life cycle awe. At one hand I have simplified my life on the other hand I have given up a lot of things that I thought that I would never be without. One thing that is helping with this lifestyle transition is my Sprint PX-500 Air Card. This card is allowing me to work anywhere and access the Internet and my office at HT.