When I did the Landmark Education Advanced course I had the realization that my act was controlling a lot of how I was being in life. I articulated this fact in my sharing by telling the group that dealing with my act was like I was in a car riding in the back seat and there was a drunk at the wheel. After being exposed to the Landmark Education Advance I am able to notice when my act is in control and I fight my way to the front seat and take control.

So now I am in a seminar on relationships. This morning I was reflecting on how my relationship with my act was going. My act is that I am stupid. My act filters a lot of what I perceive to be as what is so. If I use the analogy of the car I can now say that I am driving the car most of the time and my act is in the back seat. My act is always going to be there but I can see what it is and make a choice to listen to if or ignore it.

I can now see that a lot of barriers in my relationships are created when I pretend to be stupid so that I do not have to take responsibility for the direction the relationship is going.  I realize that being related and 100% responsible affects all aspect of my life.  For example I have invented the possibility of being an artist.  I have struggled with being an artist because I have struggled with being related.  How can an artist be fully expressed when he struggles with being related?

Being fully self expressed and living an invented life is what I am being. I realize that the only barriers that prevent me from having anything that I want in my life are the ones that I create.