The Rig and the PigI drove from Austin to Portland Oregon in my new truck and fifth wheel. I visited with my children and did some sight seeing with Sylvia, her brother John and his wife Phyllis.

I went through Simi Valley on my way to Portland and visited my mother. My mom and her dog Gidgie are doing OK. We did not stay very long and headed up to Valencia, CA to sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot. We stopped in a Wal-Mart parking lot twice on our return trip, in Sacremento, CA and just before Phoenix, AZ. Stopping for the night in a parking lot is not ideal but it is free and allows you to sleep and then get on the road the next day rested.

img_7227_small.pngThe drive up I-5 was really nice and it gave Sylvia a chance to see the miles of beautiful orchards and farm land. When we got over the Siskiyous pass and into Oregon we were treated to a wonderful show of fall colors. There are a lot of maple trees is Oregon and they were in full show as we drove from Medford to Tualaltin where we stayed in an RV park.

Lonnie abd TruckWe did some sight seeing up the Columbia Gorge one day. Seeing the river and the fall colors was spectacular. Lonnie and Sylvia at the Vista HouseWe made a stop at the Vista House and Multnomah Falls.You can see all the pictures at the Wormley Photo Archive.