Well I have to say it was another great day at a great festival. The grass was watered all year by the parks department so there was no dust during the first day. The music was great and I am having a hard time trying to pick who I liked best out of the bands that I heard today. I have posted all of my pictures that I took with my phone camera on the Wormley Photo web site. Here is my ACL Day 1 schedule.

I’ll start with the last act from Friday’s show first as that is what is fresh on my mind. I have been listening to Van Morrison for most of my life ever since I was a teen ager back in the 1970’s. Until today I have never seen what he looks like so hearing him perform live was a real treat. Van is a real pro when it comes to stagemanship and his band was really tight. A lot of the songs in his set, both new and old, were arranged with a Texas twang thay only Van Morrison could do with his material. He led the band through some new hits and old hits as they went from country swing to jazz to rock at the finale. It took a few songs for the band to show in their faces that they were really having fun, but they were all excellent musicians and played like the loved to make music.

The next band that I liked was Gnarls Barkley. They are a cross between George Clinton and Funkedelic and the new wave performer Thomas Dolby. I first saw then on a David Letterman Show that I randomly recorded on my Tivo last week. In fact the song that the group lead off their set with was She Blinded me with Science. The 13 piece group came on stage with white lab coats, blues shirts and black eye glasses. Gnarles Barkley has four women playing electronic violins and a cello called the G-Strings, they rocked and did the Supremes routine from their chairs when they were not playing. The two women and one man that made up the back up singers also played percussion instruments while they sang.

Another of my favorite bands is Thievery Corporation. This international ensemble of musicians and a belly dancer appeared on a small stage last year. This year they got bumped up to a main stage. I first heard Thievery Corporation’s music on an Internet radio station called Groove Salad which is broadcast by Soma FM in northern California. This group is really amazing because they perform many styles or music and mix it up. They play Brazilian, Persian, Rock and Rap. When the musicians play some ambient Groove Salad stuff the belly dancer comes on stage and captivates the audience with her moves.