I’m starting the month weighing 196 pounds. I started the year of 2006 weighing 225 pounds. Since the start of the year and my participation in the Active for Live program and my own exercise program I have lost 29 pounds. I have done this purely with exercise alone and have not stopped eating what I like.

I would suppose that if I were to claim that I was on any diet it would be a beef died. I love beef and after living on the westJ. Wellington Wimpy coast for most of my life I was glad to move to Texas where the fear of eating beef does not exist. My favorite form of beef is a hamburger. I am like the Popeye character J. Wellington Wimpy when it comes to burgers, I could eat one everyday.

My favorite source for burgers has to be What-A-Burger and Fuddruckers. I like What-A-Burger because they have a good cheap burger and I can mix a Big Red and Dr. Pepper to drink with my burger. I like Fuddruckers because they use fresh baked bread and I can put lots of tomato slices on the burger.