The Lone Worm Ranch PondI got a disturbing phone call from my neighbor that owns the property behind the Lone Worm Ranch in Fayatte County. He told me that there was water running down Wormley Lane and it was reaching the Waxsman property to the south on the ranch. I told him to turn off the pump.

Lonnie The FarmerSo today Sylvia and I went out to the ranch to see what was up. What We found is that the pond was full. What we discovered is that there was a leak at the valve right next to the culvert that fills the pond. I dug up the area around the leak and found the place where the pipe was seperated.

ValveOnce I had the valve expose I cleaned it and re-glued it. I tested the joint and then re-buried the valve. Once the leak was repaired the water that ran through the bubblers on each tree had more water pressure.

There is new growth on the trees that happened after the fish emulsion and compost tea application. the trees are doing better. New Leaf GrowthThe August heat has parched the land here in central Texas. Today it was 105 degrees but the trees are getting enough water to survive this draught.

There are more pictures of the pecan trees on the Wormley Photo Archive.