Well, I finally decided to get Sylvia, my girlfriend to take pictures of me on my bike. I have been bikeLonnie and his bike in front of his pond commuting to work for about 5 weeks this summmer. I average 20-30 miles a day and about 100-150 miles a week. I am preparing for a 100-mile ride at the end of August in Wichita Falls Texas called the Hotter ‘n Hell 100.

When I first got to Texas I could not ride 20 miles during the summer heat, but now I can do it just fine. I did have to make some adaptations to my paradigm for cycling in Oregon to cycling here in Austin.

I added two water bottles to my bike. I put sports drink powder in them. I use them to hydrate in addition to using my water bladder on my back

I had to give up on cloth headbands to prevent sweat from getting in my eyes. I purchased a gutter guard, which is a plastic headband with a gutter that allows the sweat to drip down the side of your face and not into your eyes.

I have gotten use to really sweating when I ride. I use to hate head winds but now I love them because the wind helps evaporate the sweat off my skin and it feels cool.

I replace my old aero bars for a new set that are a better fit. It gets windy here in Austin. Typically, there are 10-14 MPH winds so when you are riding hills and flats aero bars make riding easier.

I really like riding my bike to work. I will admit that there are days when I do not feel like getting on my bike,Lonnie riding his Serotta but after I get going and finish the 2-mile hill that I have to climb to get to Bee Caves road I feel great. Riding the rolling hills of west Austin can be fun or a real drag depending on my attitude. I will write more about riding hills later.