ODO 1032, totals for the day – distance: 35.48 miles, Time: 2:28, Average: 14.3 MPH total mileage for the week: 87 miles
Today I got up at 4 AM to gor to Auditorium Shores to be on TV with the Early Show’s weather guy Dave. I rode to town in the dark using my head lamp. The temperature was cooler than my normal moring ride so it was enjoyable.

On my return trip home in the evening I continued past Cuernevaca on Bee Caves to HWY 71 to get a few extra miles on my commute. I want to increase my daily milage from 26 miles to 30 or 35 during my week day commute. I am not going to reset my cycle computer after my moring commute as I have been doing in the past. Instead I am going to keep the total daily mileage on my return trip so that I can quickly see how fare I have to ride to meet my daily goal.