ODO Mileage is 917, trip mileage 13.74, trip average 14.7, trip time 55 minutes.

I did not know about Endorphins when I was young. I learned about them in my mid 20s when I was jogging on the Venice Beach in Southern California. I think that another runner explained the process to me about your body producing them when you run or cycle. Yesterday during my ride out to the 24-Hour Fitness gym in North Austin I was really happy to be riding my bike. When I got to the gym I did my usual resistance training but I still had the need to run and get on an orbital aerobic machine.

So I guess that I am getting my body trained on getting a dose of Endorphins every day when I bike commute. When I rode my bike to work in Portland, Oregon I got to a point when my body was not happy unless I was riding my bike. I never thought I would get back to that point in my life again, but it looks like that is happening now. There has been a lot of research on the release of Endorphins into the blood stream during vigorous exercise like cycling and running. I suppose that I am living proof that the research is affecting the reason that I ride my bike.