Mileage at the start of this week is 766. I am not riding on week-ends so I will adapt my bike commute to a longer evening ride. I like riding during the evening after work as it relaxes me and it gives me something to look forward to during the day. My goal is to ride 100 miles a week during July. I did not make my goal for the first week of July but I will make my goal for the second week.

My plan is to ride to work every day like I have been doing a minimum of 13 miles. After work I will do a longer return home like I did riding to the Wild Flower Center wich gives me a 30 mile commute home. If I do this commute twice in one week that will be 86 miles or about 80% of my total weekly goal.

My hill training will come when I ride home using the Redbud Terrace route. I do not like riding this route when I think about how hard it is but after I ride it I feel great. During my ride up the steep hills on Redbud I do enjoy the fact that there is hardly any traffic on it.