Mileage is 804. I just finished a 38 mile ride from my house in West Lake area to the LBJ Wild Flower Center. I went via Cuernavaca, Bee Caves, Barton Spring, Southwest Parkway, William Cannon, Escarpment, SH 45 to the dead end. I then reversed on SH 45 and went to the LBJ WFC. I returned home via MoPac, 360, Bee Caves.

My total riding time was 2 hours and 30 minutes and I averaged 14.8 MPH. It was hot and there were 10-15 MPH head winds coming from the south east. I have some head winds and some tail winds.

Surprisingly I liked the head winds because it kept me cooler. It is funny that in the Texas heat when you have a tail wind it is the same as riding in dead air so the sweat does not evaporate and you stay hot. When you have a head wind the breeze sweeps across your skin and the sweat evaporates and you feel cool.