I have a job in Austin and will start work tomorrow. It was my goal to find work here in Texas and live with my dad during his retirement. The fact that my dad passed away on April 1, 2004 made me more commited to relocating to central Texas to be near the ranch.

Some quick thoughts:

Man it is hot and humid. I wake up and look out my bedroom window around 7 AM and I see fog and mist drifting around the cows, it is 80 degrees.

I rode my bike down some of the rocky county roads bechind the ranch and was thankful for the full suspension on my bike.

Thee are a lot of tatoos in Austin.

Cows do not freak out on a car passing by but a guy on a bke can spook them.

Bar-b-que pork ribs, beans, cole slaw and ice tea… need I say more?