12/8/2003 8:58 PM

I have spent my first week living on the Lone Worm Ranch. It has been a week full of discovery and challenges. Taking cold showers and going to bed with the chickens and waking up 4 hours before sunrise are just a few of the moments that have made this week interesting.

Today Dan Nettles showed up and so did a few loads of the gravel that will provide a firm surface to drive from Wormley Lane to the house.

I also got a call from Bluebonnet Electrical Coop telling me that they will come out tomorrow and install the poles that will supply full time electrical power to the house. Finally getting electricity from a source other than the part-time generator is what I have been wanting so much. When the electricity is full-time I can power the refrigerator and stove and start to live like a normal person again. Cold showers are OK for a while, but I look forward to a nice warm shower again.

The weather got real cold for Texas, but my Oregon blood was prepared for the chill. It dropped down to 27 degrees for a few nights and then today was warm and humid as the wind shifted fro blowing from the north to from the south. It is a full moon tonight and I have taken some pictures that I think are cool. I can walk around outside the house without using my head light during the full moon.