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Thick clouds at night gave way to a beautiful morning full of sunshine and clear skis. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking my smoothie and making phone calls to start my day. As I was talking to the road contractor I noticed four animals that were not cows moving in the pasture across Wormley Lane. I watched them jump a fence and I realized that they were white tailed deer. There were three does and one large buck that had a huge rack on his head.

When I got off the phone I quickly put my telephoto lens on my camera and tried to take some pictures from the kitchen. When I noticed that they were grazing I went outside to take some pictures with my tripod. The pictures that I took show the deer further from my location than when I first saw them while talking on the phone. The deer were about 200 yards from the house when I first saw them and this photo shows them at about 500-600 yards. The deer were barely visible with the naked when I took the photo.

I am encouraged by this deer sighting as I had planned to have part of the ranch designated as a wild life range land. The State of Texas helps land owners do this. I had hoped that there were deer in the area that used this part of Texas as their home. Now that I have seen these deer I know that they are around and preserving the woods and planting native grasses will help preserve their range land.