Sitting here on the ranch in the kitchen looking out the window as the wind blows from the north I feel safe and protected for the first time. On other occasions when I was out here and a rain shower showed up I just roughed it out with just my raincoat. Today after my meeting with a contractor who is going to bid on the driveway work I decided to go into the house, sit in the kitchen, and write while I watched the rain. Besides the wind the only sounds to be heard are cows mooing, the horn of a distant train and the occasional clank of an end of the strap that secures the house to the concrete runners.

I parked my Toyota Camry in front of the house. The house sets about 350 feet from Wormley Lane. If it rains really hard I will have to move it closer to the lane because I do not want toe possibility of getting it stuck in the sand. The real chances of this happening are slim. The soil in this pasture drains very well and it is only a few spots near the old gate where you can get stuck in deep mud when it rains hard. Currently it the blowing wind is only making the light rain showers seem like more precipitation is falling than it really is. The for cast for tonight is that a big storm will move in.

I will be on the road back to Austin shortly but for now I will sit and watch the windy day from inside the house.