There has to be something said about being completely off grid. By this I mean having a house that is not connected to any power company or city water or sewer. To a lot or rural residents this is a way of life, but for me it is a first time thing. The Lone Worm Ranch will get on the Bluebonnet electrical grid soon, but for now it is being powered by a generator.

Today out at the Lone Worm Ranch I powered up the propane generator and turned on the lights and had running water from the well. It was a good feeling to have all the modern conveniences in a modern home and have all the resources to produce the power on the site and at my control. This is an empowering and scary feeling all at once. I’m learning a lot about generators, pumps and septic systems that are not the way I remember them.

If you want to wander through pictures of the generator and septic installation go to the Wormley Archive and click on the Wormley Photo link. Then click on the Launi category. From the Launi category click on Roll-14. The generator was installed by Scott Mitzel of Freedom Enterprizes. The septic system is being installed by Hayes Trucking.