Originally written on 20000828

OK what is this site all about. Well for the most part this is my learning tool to help me keep up with all this Internet stuff. I guess you could say I am a hobbyist that got tired of and gluing stuff together and cleaning up paint brushes and air-brush equipment.

I started off converting my graphic skills into digital ones in the late 80’s and was doing fairly well when I got bit by the Linux craze ten years later. I missed the beginning of the computer tinker age by not owning a Commadore 64. The first computer that I used was a mainframe system that I learned CAD on. My first job I used an IBM XT when I worked as a CAD drafter for a company in California. The first computer that I owned was the first color computer Apple made, a Mac IIFX. By then I was sick of DOS and loved the graphical user interface (GUI) that the Mac provided. So when I got wind of Linux, I knew that I had to try it.

Now I do not consider myself a computer wiz or a programmer. I have found that Linux is not easy, but not impossible for the average slug like myself. After all I earned my stripes enduring five years on WinNT 4.0 at a company in Oregon, after that I was ready to try something GNU (a shameless pun if you know anything about open source). If I compare all the computer operating systems (OS) that I have used over the years I feel that Linux is the best of all of them put into one. You have the power of the command line and the beauty of a GUI. If you want it.